AllTogether Pride Capsule

Diesel - AllTogether Pride Capsule

In partnership with Tom of Finland Foundation, Diesel has created an exclusive capsule collection. Artworks selected from the foundation's catalogue come to life on genderless pieces, ranging from jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts and intimate.

Tom of Finland

"I know my ‘dirty little drawings’ are never going to hang in the main salons of the Louvre, but it would be nice if — I would like to say ‘when,’ but I better say ‘if’ — our world learns to accept all the different ways of loving. Then maybe I could have a place in one of the smaller side rooms.

Michael Kirwan

"It’s important that we control the language that describes us. It’s important that we produce the visual archaeology of our existence. It’s important that we retain our own voice, our own power, our own unique sensibilities.

Florian Hetz

"Tom introduced me to proud, happy gay men, celebrating their life and sex with confidence in full daylight. Nothing was hidden, and there was no shame attached to it. And I couldn't have had a better role model than that.

Peter Berlin

"I hardly ever showed it in galleries. My stuff falls through the cracks; it’s not seen as art. I don’t even use the word. I never saw myself as a photographer; I saw myself as just chronicling the moments in my life when I felt the best.


"It wasn't until after a short summer holiday in Spain that I decided to do something to be shown to the gay public, so the artist name, ‘Palanca’, was born and I though 'gear shift' was a good fit for me.

Silvia Prada

"Sexy has nothing to do with who you sleep with or how you represent as a gender; it goes beyond that. It’s an energy, something we always want to pursue: this freedom in sex.

Heather Benjamin

"The woman I’m always drawing is a complicated, loaded symbol for a lot of things I’m thinking about. She’s the easiest vehicle for me to convey those things because she’s autobiographical, because she’s all-encompassing, and because she can serve as a way to express other ideas I’m interested in.


"I have tried to capture each model’s individual character and personality in my art. These range from the reserved and sometimes boyish charm of one to the raw sexuality of another.

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